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Over 1000 years of Europe's history has influenced Poland's image today as a mainstay of natural beauty and hospitality. You will also find impeccable nature with acres of historical forests, picturesque lakes and rivers, captivating mountains and amazing coastline. Poland

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Southern Poland

has a boundless variety of attractions, starting from beautiful cities such as truly magical Cracow //Krakow//, through industrial //Katowice// or //Zakopane//, which is especially amazing during winter. There is also a historical concentration camp in Auschwitz //Oswiecim// - "death factory" - evoking the most tragic time in the history of humanity. Finally, the region is populated by various ethnic groups of Silesia, Cracow and Tatra Mountains //Tatry//.

Central Poland

Geographically, Central Poland is also the heart of Europe. The very centre of Poland is found exactly in a small town called //Piatek//. Warsaw //Warszawa//, the country's capital, also belongs to this region. It has a rich and interesting history (beautiful old town which was included on the UNESCO World's Heritage List) and great many attractions.


//Pomorze// is mostly famous for its charming beaches, rough but amazing and clear sea, as well as facilities readily available for tourists. There are also two important cities - //Gdansk// and //Gdynia//. Those who love sunbathing, discos, cool beer and all sorts of entertainment and sport will have a great time here. hotel. Travel.

Western Poland

It is mainly two cities: //Poznan// and //Wroclaw//. They are lively cultural and social centres. Both cities are close to the western border and due to this fact they thrive economically.

Eastern Part of Poland

In the eastern part of Poland it is worth paying a visit to //Kazimierz Dolny// where you can find three historical crosses on a nearby mountain. From here you can take a route to //Bialowieski// National Park which has been included by UNESCO among world's greatest wildlife reserves. It is a home to aurochs, which are now endangered species.

Bieszczady in Poland

With its picturesque hills, rivers and lakes, it is the last European standstill of real wildlife. This region will attract those who are looking for more than city entertainment. Travel Poland hotel.

Mazury in Poland

Forests, lovely little towns and captivating lakes will fascinate especially those who love sailing, kayaking and diving. There are 42 lakes. In some of them you can find sunken shipwrecks. You will also find all tourist facilities here. Keen walkers and cycling amateurs will love it here, especially if they like nature as well as history presenting itself with abundance of monuments. Poland hotels, travel, polish.